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“PAPUAN Contains Rich Micro Nutrients”

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PAPUAN is the Brand owned by Poombatta SHG Pattuvam under the category of 100 % Natural Sugarcane syrup in the market place. The Sugarcane syrup is the concentrated sugarcane juice with a solid content that is transformed into syrup without crystallized sugar. It is a common fact that sugar cane is a type of tall grass, from which sugar is extracted. Apart from sugar, various other food products are made from sugar cane.

Sugar cane syrup is made by evaporating sugar cane juice normally boiled for 2 to 3 hours and during the process, the surface of the juice is skimmed a number of times, so that bits of cane and other impurities that float on the surface can be removed by setting a temperature , part of the processing know how. Target temperature should be retained throughout the process to prepare the best quality syrup. A curing of 5 to 6 hours at the ambient temperature and after cooling, the final product is ready for bottling. A clean and hygiene infrastructure along with all Food Safety Management practices and protocols, guaranteed the best product ready to use with a shelf life of 5 to 6 months at the PAPUAN Production facility.

No preservatives or additives are required for the process and hence 100 % natural and quality is ensured. 

PAPUAN believes that Brands should take the leadership and commitment to induce a revolutionary change by creating a platform for the required behavioral changes with the introduction of the best products with higher value in the marketplace. The adoption process will be slow and gradual but permanent. Such commitments, initiatives with core accountability from a brand requires enough supporting fuel from all stakeholders for that takeoff, enables the brand to reach the right orbit to sustain by embracing its Vision and Purpose of existence.

PAPUAN brings the most natural healthy sugar alternative, made from the best quality sugar cane in the syrup form and it is part of a conscious choice available for a wellness oriented society, ready to take the lead against adulterated, processed sugar and artificial sweeteners.

PAPUAN also committed to bring the products to the big food and beverage units, confectionary industries as an opportunity for a healthy sugar alternative for their products and services to offer higher value to the end customers and consumers.


ICAR-SBI taken a commitment and core initiative to prevent the adulteration in the available Sugar currently like Jaggery by bringing a licensed technology for a natural alternative including the processing license, sales and distribution and training and development for groups and entrepreneurs .We taken equal commitment to align us with the right scope by executing the purpose by bringing the best product PAPUAN” 100 % NATURAL CANE SYRUP and it will be a right message and equally the right for the customers for their right to select the best choice for a healthy sugar substitute for their day today life. Also for the industries, we will bring the product in large commercial volume to make them available a right unadultered sweet and a product medium alternative, which is currently not available. In this regards, major steps are being taken and we are working hard to bring the required fundamental behavior changes.

The licensed processing technology from the ICAR-SBI (Indian council for agricultural research and sugarcane breeding institute) enable us to prepare the 100 % natural cane syrup contains the core nutrients like, calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorous, Zinc, Chromium,Vitamin B etc.

1) The most healthy sugar alternative in comparison to the refined and artificial sugar currently available in the market.

2) No preservative or additives added or required for the processing, thus ensures the quality.


What is Sugarcane Juice?

Sugarcane water (also known as sugarcane juice) is the naturally sweet and nutrient-rich water cold pressed from sugarcane (a type of grass). It is a beverage that has been long enjoyed in many cultures worldwide. Sugarcane water is considered as a powerful medicinal beverage in Ayurveda, a 5,000 year old system of natural healing with roots in India. It is a natural energy drink with anti-oxidants, electrolytes and complex carbohydrates which has less impact on blood sugar levels.



100% Pure PAPUAN cane syrup is a traditional aromatic syrup produced from fresh squeezed sugarcane juice. Our Papuan cane syrup has no additives, no preservatives or anything else added. It is 100% pure cane syrup produced by slow boiling fresh squeezed sugarcane juice. It is a perfect sweetener for tea, coffee and smoothies or drizzle some over hot biscuits, pancakes or waffles for a truly delicious experience. Our Papuan cane syrup can be used as an ingredient for baking, as a topping for fresh fruit, yogurt, ice cream and much more.

Note: The essential micronutitents will have different health benefits , especially supporting differently. So this could be represented in a visual form with human body , with each element and supporting area.

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